Here you can find a small selection of my original music. These pieces span different styles, techniques, and periods in my writing career.

“A Nervous Wait”

I started this as a four part chorale sketch while I waited for my first graduate school admissions interview. The goal was to capture the anxiety of waiting for something without any idea of what to expect. In the song’s final version, the original theme is played on piano and guitar before being transformed and reused throughout the piece with granular synthesis, pitch class transformations, and other methods.

"Cafe au lait"

This piece began as an improvisation when I was supposed to be practicing for a recital. I began to develop it into a structured composition when I learned about the "Carol Klose and Hal Leonard Composition Competition" that was coming up, where I received the silver medal in the collegiate division.

"Partridge Crossroads I. Sunrise"

This is the first movement of what will be my first symphony. It's named after the community where my grandparents lived when I was little. The music depicts a cold morning on the farm as the sun slowly melts the frost off of the fields.

"Sun Showers (Room 227)" and "Shower Thoughts (Apartment 164)"

These two compositions are duets for piano and cello. Each conveys a glimpse into a different room. "Sun Showers" looks into practice room 227 at my college, where I composed the beginning of a new piece and watched the rain through the window. "Shower Thoughts" takes place in my cheap apartment in Alabama where I took long showers to think about where I was going in life- and to write new music on the walls in crayon.

"Sun Showers (Room 227)" was recorded with my friend Timothy Dow on cello, and entered for the MTNA Composition Contest where it was selected as the Florida representative to the regional competition.


I composed this as the main theme music for my first video game collaboration on an upcoming title from Grimoire.

This piece was composed and produced entirely in FL Studio 12.

"Groove on a Rope"

One of my first compositions for more than one instrument, this was a challenge to myself to branch out of my usual piano-based composing. This piece was written with the focus on the bass while the piano plays a supporting role. The composition remained unnamed until I recently discovered the random song title generator online.

"Frosty Morning"

This piece is a return to solo piano composition after a long break. I took inspiration from electronic house music by writing in short four and eight measure patterns with few longer phrases.