I'm Writing a Master's Thesis

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been listening to and writing music in almost every style I can think of for about as long as I can remember. It’s always been on my mind that I need to differentiate my different projects somehow if I want to be taken seriously. Classical musicians don’t want to hear music from a singer/songwriter, right? Singer/songwriters don’t want to hear music from an EDM producer, do they? Some advice from Dr. Zaheri helped me clear those worries out of my head: “Good composition is good composition is good composition.”

So now I’ve finished the first year of my Master’s degree in composition, and I’m ready to tie all of my interests together. I plan to compose an album using the essential parts of my favorite songs I’ve written over the years. My challenge to myself is to make something cohesive and interesting that pulls elements from progressive rock, classical, jazz, acoustic/folk, EDM, industrial, and hip hop. I don’t want to make a crossover album- it’s too easy (and way too cliche) to write a hip hop track in 5/4 time with a string quartet in the background. I want to synthesize things I like from each style in a way that feels natural and fresh.

I hope to have regular updates out as the project progresses, and I hope you enjoy the music.